Positrex Mobile App Changelog

On this page we will inform you about all updates of the mobile application Positrex))).

Changelog - v 3.1.0  (2021-02-03)

  1. Complete alarm management has been added in the app (red icons of objects in the overview). The alarm status could be previously edited via the web portal only.
  1. Use of native maps for faster loading and significantly lower data consumption (applies to Google maps users).
  1. Marker (object) clustering on the map. When zooming out, you´ll see a cluster marker showing the number of nearby objects.
  1. Check the new unit details with more information on one screen and watch your objects on the map in full screen. Live traffic map layer is also available (applies to Google maps users).
  1. New and friendlier alarm and notification settings.
  1. Application access lock. Unlock by PIN or biometrics (fingerprint, face scan)
  1. Quick account switch directly from the vehicle overview (for customers with multiple accounts)
  1. Distinct notification sound of the "Watchdog" feature. Customizable in application settings.
  1. Change your password (via email verification) directly from the application login screen.