Our Products

Our GPS units are the ideal solution for IoT monitoring of cars, trucks, motorcycles, railway vehicles, construction machines, semi-trailers, consignments as well as real estate or people.

There are 2 main types of GPS trackers. Battery and wired units.

The main advantages of the battery units are portability and extreme battery life. It can be switched from car to car or other objects with ease. The combination of high-quality batteries and optimized energy consumption makes our battery trackers last up to several years on a single charge. TotalFinder and TotalTracker also contain strong industrial magnets for attachment to metal surfaces. The main disadvantage of battery units is the need for regular charging.

 The wired units require fixed installation and therefore are not portable. On the other side, they offer reliable and unlimited monitoring with no further maintenance needed. VehicleTracker and TotalTracker Cable version are also available with a back-up battery to ensure object monitoring when engine off.