What objects can I watch?

Anything. The use is various and it depends just on you what, where, and how do you want to watch it. You can monitor cars and trucks, trailers, motorcycles, rail cars, aircraft, construction and agricultural machinery. You can also track people, for example, your kids on a school trip, or share your location to reassure your family when on an adventurous expedition.

What can Positrex))) do?

Not only will you know where exactly your property is located,Positrex))) offers much more! It monitors temperature, humidity, altitude, tilt, shocks, and also assess driver behaviour, creates automatic logbook and gives you detailed statistics. If you keep records, the system also notifies you of planned maintenance and watches your fuel economy.

What devices is Positrex))) compatible with?

Positrex))) is compatible with MAC, Windows, iOS and Android devices. In other words, you can monitor your objects on your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

What about the network coverage?

Positrex))) works almost worldwide. It communicates via GSM (common mobile phone network). That is to say, wherever there is a mobile signal, our units are online. In the case of no signal, all data are recorded and saved in the internal memory. As soon as the device receives signal again, it sends all recorded information to the system.

So do I have to use the services of another operator abroad then?

No. The system works in all networks regardless of the operator. It only depends on what tariff you purchase with us.

What is geofencing?

Geo-fence is an area that you can freely set on the map according to your needs and have it secured by our system. For instance, if the monitored object leaves or enters the selected area, you will receive a push notification / SMS / e-mail.

How do I install the GPS tracker?

In the case of battery units, no installation is needed. You can place them in your pocket, luggage, vehicle and any other object. TotalFinder and TotalTracker also offer a simple attachment to metal objects with an industrial magnet.

For wired units, professional installation is required. The installation can be ordered from our contractual partners in your country.

What is the battery life of the units?

All our battery units are rechargeable, and their battery life on a single charge depends on the given GPS tracker and the selected monitoring profile. Need we say, the battery life of our units is what we are ahead of the competition.

Are there any limitations of the use of battery trackers?

We know from experience that the unit should not be placed inside a polyhedral iron/conductive object that could interfere signal reception. These are mainly containers or tin boxes. The car cabin, trunk or space under the motorcycle seat does not fall into this specification as they always have at least one side open/non-ferrous.

Can I see Positrex))) interface before purchase?

For sure! For a free tour please visit www.positrex.eu