About Us


Welcome toPositrex))) , the unique electronic monitoring solution produced by LEVEL Systems.Positrex))) was launched in 2005 as a system integrating our GPS monitoring devices into a user-friendly software interface.


The combination of our hardware and its tailor-made software is what makes the solution special. Apart from the GPS tracking,Positrex))) allows you to monitor a wide range of values and utilize many great features such as the automatic logbook or driver evaluation. Besides that, our locators outperform the competition in battery life and low data consumption.


The platform is available either as a web portal in 16 languages or as a mobile application for iOS and Android in Czech and English. You can use your accounts 24/7 without any data restrictions.


Thanks to our technicians and developers, we are flexible in meeting any specific requirements and prepare a custom-made solution for everyone. If you have any special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us!


Currently,Positrex))) helps its users to monitor more than 100,000 objects in 32 countries around the world.