Railway Transportation

Rail wagon and locomotive management is a complex activity that carries the risk of many errors and high maintenance costs. We‘ve created a solution that puts all essential information in one place, thereby simplifies the work and reduces your expenses.


Logbook and a Maintenance Log in one place

There is no need to have more systems to cover all the necessary information anymore.Positrex))) records all movement and watches the shape of your train fleet. You will get an excellent overview of the operational efficiency of all your locomotives and wagons. The system also notifies you in advance when service inspection needed. The proper usage and maintenance timing will save you a bundle on additional costs.

GPS sledování železniční dopravy
GPS trackery pro železniční dopravu

Early fault detection and damage prevention

Locomotive and wagon failures are very dangerous and costly. The wheel bearings can overheat, axles can get blocked and wheel flatness can damage the rails. Such accidents can be prevented by in time faults detection. You will also get records of all impacts typical for rough handling of wagons.


Measure a wide range of values

Positrex))) measures many important values. For example, you can watch the wagon loading weight, pressure in the brake system, or temperature and humidity of transported freight.


Sledování naložení vagónu
Sledování přepravovaného nákladu po železnici

Anti-Theft Security

Unfortunately, thieves do not avoid the railways either.Positrex))) offers the easiest way to find a lost car. The system also allows the identification of each wheelset and its mileage. Therefore, in case of unauthorized manipulation, you will find out! You will even know where and when such a situation happened to provide all the necessary details to the police.



Easy installation

There are many construction differences between each type of rail cars and that causes many installation problems for our competition.Positrex))) units are designed for safe and very easy installation on any given locomotive or rail wagon. In the case of AxleRing, just a simple connection of two parts around the axis. The battery units offer easy mounting with a strong industrial magnet.

GPS sledování železniční dopravy


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