Electronic monitoring gives you a complete overview of your motorbike. You can set various alarms and get notifications in real-time. A special configuration for bikers will depict all details of your recent trip and let you share your favourite routes with other friends. In case of an accident, your family will be immediately informed and can save your life.


The answer to many questions

  • Where is my bike?
  • How far have I driven?
  • How do I share my location with my family or friends?
  • What if I had an accident when riding alone?
  • What happens to my bike when parked?

Have your bike under control 24/7. Choose your GPS unit and watch your bike viaPositrex))) mobile app today!

GPS monitoring motorek
GPS sledování motorek


  • GPS Monitoring
  • Detailed Logbook
  • Crash and Shock Detection
  • Geofences with entry/exit alert
  • Anti-Theft Security - movement detection
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Speed information - possibility to set limits
  • Maintenance Log
  • Low-Battery Warning
  • GPS Navigation
  • Export routes to 3D views (Google Earth)


Motorbike guard and route recorder

Do you want to know your motorcycle location without any need for installation?

Positrex))) brings a unique battery-powered portable solution for longterm monitoring. Devices can be placed wherever you need it, and all functions can be easily set up using a mobile application or a web portal.


Aplikace Positrex pro sledování motorek


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