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Hardwired tracker

VT1 - VehicleTracker is a wired GPS tracking unit for unlimited monitoring of cars, trucks and heavy machinery. Apart from the same functions as...

VT 1
GPS jednotka GC 092 - TotalFinder
Battery tracker

TotalFinder is our biggest portable GPS tracker for universal long-term monitoring. It is the ideal solution for monitoring of cars, trucks, rail...

GC 092
GPS jednotka GC 095 - TotalTracker
Battery tracker

TotalTracker is our medium-sized portable GPS unit for tracking of various objects. Enjoy electronic monitoring of your motorbike, car, van, truck,...

GC 095
sperhak web

A tool for releasing TotalFinder from the metal holder.

MD 092 001

GC 055 - GSM Alarm & House Control is a sophisticated control unit providing security and remote control of your house with a mobile phone or...

GC 055

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