Agricultural and Forestry

GPS monitoring also finds its efficient usage in agriculture and forestry. Optimize the productivity of your combines, tractors and other heavy machinery, protect your assets from thieves and keep track of scheduled maintenance to eliminate any additional costs. If you use the machines seasonally or occasionally, choose a battery tracker to watch any object as needed. However, if you want to track your machines permanently, we recommend looking for a wired device.


Electronic monitoring for agricultural and forestry machinery

  • Where are my machines?
  • How much work has been done today?
  • When is the next maintenance planned?
  • Did the truck deliver the material to the right place?
  • Is my equipment where it should be?

These and many other questions are asked daily by farmers and foresters. Have your heavy machinery under control 24/7!

GPS lokátory pro lesnictví
GPS sledování pro zemědělství

Use and characteristics

  • GPS Location
  • Detailed Logbook
  • Unloading Detection
  • Geofencing - (eg farm, barn, field)
  • Motion Detection
  • Temperature, Humidity and Atmospheric pressure
  • G shock Detection (up to 8 G)
  • Removal Detection
  • Planned Maintenance Notification
  • Low Battery Notification

Are you seeking a portable solution for long-term monitoring? Well, then the combination ofPositrex))) with the TotalFinder might be the best option. However, if you had any specific requirements, we would be more than happy to prepare a tailor-made electronic monitoring solution for you.


Recommended GPS trackers