VT1 - VehicleTracker

Hardwired tracker
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VT1 - VehicleTracker is a wired GPS tracking unit for unlimited monitoring of cars, trucks and heavy machinery. Apart from the same functions as our battery units have, VT1 can do much more such as remote engine shut off or remote dashboard access.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

VehicleTracker is a GPS tracker for monitoring of cars, trucks, heavy machinery, yachts and much more. The unit records all detailed information about the object movement, creates a logbook, detects crashes and monitors ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity or air pressure. VT1 can be equipped with an internal backup battery to continue vehicle monitoring when engine off.

Depending on the installation performed, the unit allows:

  • Contactless driver identification
  • Private/Business trip switch
  • Operating Time Counter (for rented equipment)
  • Geofencing options
  • Anti-Theft Security - Watchdog, Towing Detection
  • Driver Behaviour Assessment
  • Remote Engine Shut Off
  • Measuring of Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Ambient Lighting etc.


Additional parameters

Category: Our Products
Warranty: 2 years
Types of communication: SMS, Email, Push Notifications
3G Sensor: Motion / Crash / Tilt Detection
Other Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure
GPS and Glonass: 66 satellites
GPS and GSM: Internal antennas
Connector: USB-C
Internal memory: Storage capacity of 5000 events / GPS positions
Consumption: Standby mode < 10mA @12V, max current peak 300mA @ 12V
Dimensions, weight: 50 x 90 x 20 mm, 120 g
Temperature range: - 25 ° C to +65 ° C
Protection class: IP40