AR1 - AxleRing

Battery tracker
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Brand: Positrex
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AxleRing is a patented self-charging monitoring unit for railway wagons and locomotives. Monitoring of rail cars has never been easier as it is simple to install without the need for any additional maintenance.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

AxleRing avoids many major disadvantages in competing solutions. Thanks to the unique self-charging technology, the device is cordless as well as it doesn't need to be manually charged. Another advantage is easy installation. AxleRing consists of two semicircular parts that are fixed around the wheelset axle. Even though it is a GPS monitoring unit, mileage is counted by wheel turns, which makes the collected data independent of the GPS signal and therefore eliminates any errors. The unit also watches axle bearing temperature, vibrations, wheel flatness, and many other values important for smooth-running, and elimination of additional costs.

AR1 can communicate with other wireless sensors, collect data from them, and send them in a bulk to the operator. By adding such sensors, you will be able to watch the brake system pressure, level of load, opened/closed wagon, ambient temperature, humidity, light and much more. To get the best monitoring outcomes, we recommend the combination of AxleRing and Multisensor RF.

 Usage and characteristics

  • For railway wagons
  • Odometer counted by axle turns
  • Axle/Wagon Identification
  • GPS online tracking at 1min interval
  • Self-charging (patented energy harvesting)
  • Overheating and vibration detection
  • G-shock detection
  • Axle blocking detection
  • Ambient conditions – temperature, humidity, air pressure
  • RF sensor interface
  • Easy installation



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Warranty: 2 years